Our goal is to help hundreds of thousands of people build careers that make money and change the world. The book, our partnerships and the series of missions are our first step to achieving this goal.


As we emerge from the recession, a generation is searching for practical answers about how to succeed financially while also making positive change in the world. From energy to food to education, Making Good outlines how to find opportunities to affect change and make money. These opportunities are not just for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies: Making Good outlines step by step how any person can achieve financial autonomy, capitalize on global changes to infrastructure, and learn from everyday success stories—providing the skills and insights this generation needs to succeed.

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“As somebody who has been doing this for a while, someone twice as old as a lot of people that are involved now, it is easy to forget how a very simple question or point of confusion can hold up so much. It’s like a little piece of dental floss holding up a train. Take this book as your pair of scissors. Start snipping through some of the small barriers to getting started. You have no idea where you—and your dream—will end up.”

Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild The Dream


“The current unemployment crisis is enough to get anyone down, but Parish and Aujla are here to brighten the gloomy atmosphere. Where others see hopelessness, they see opportunity. This enthusiastic handbook urges the jobless and the underemployed to venture out, virtually skip the corporate world all together and embrace the power of ‘non-linear’ career paths…A fresh way to look at the challenges facing job seekers today.”

Kirkus Reviews


“If you take this book with the seriousness it deserves, it will change you and you will change the world. I’m usually dubious of ‘self-help’ books; this is something entirely different–far deeper, and far far more useful.”

Bill McKibben — Author of The End of Nature, co-founder of 350.org


“Highly recommended. An uplifting primer filled with practical insights for students who want to effect global change without sacrificing personal financial security or stability. The business acumen, leadership skills, as well as real-life examples illustrated here draw a compelling picture of careers that combine purpose and sustainable security.”

Library Journal


“My generation, I’m afraid, has let our dear country go into steep decline, but Making Good by two of our brightest young people offers solid hope for rebirth. It does that the only true and lasting way, by inspiring people at the personal level to a new way of thinking, living and working.”

Gus Speth — Former Administrator of United Nations Development Program


“A manifesto and map for a generation desperate for jobs. Making Good shows readers not so much how they can find any old job, but more how you can create a career path that can generate meaning, purpose and money.”

Bill Drayton — Founder and CEO of Ashoka, founder of Get America Working!


“This book cuts through the illusion of the quick fix and offers real solutions to help you create a life that both makes money and changes the world.”

Sara Horowitz — President of Freelancers Union


“Dev Aujla and Billy Parish have written a practical, inspiring, quietly subversive guide that speaks directly to this generation’s desire to create their own economy and become their own heroes.”

Anya Kamenetz — Senior writer at Fast Company, author of Generation Debt & DIY U


“This is not only the real deal — it has to be one of the most important and essential reads of today. What you can learn here will help create the positive shifts we all so desperately crave.”

David de Rothschild — Author of The Global Warming Survival Handbook, Founder of Adventure Ecology


“Dev and Billy are two of the brightest lights in the coming transformation, the great turning. This emerging reimagination of what it means to be human at a time when every living system is failing. Making Good is a personal, taut, authentic, how-to-do-it care manual for the active, idealistic, and pragmatic. It is a powerfully instructive, even canonical, for a generation born into a crazy quilt world of conflict and corporate dominance who want to do more than speak truth to power, a generation that is bringing power to the truth.”

Paul Hawken — Author of The Ecology of Commerce and Natural Capitalism


“Billy Parish and Dev Aujla embarked on a remarkably ambitious book. Not content to educate and mobilize on global warming and social justice, they have written a “how to” book for ethical living in a corrupt economy. It is a practical guide to ensure that “making a living” does not compromise “having a life.” Making Good could change the world.”

Elizabeth May — Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Author of Global Warming for Dummies


“Making Good is a motivating and practical guide for the personal desire, and global urgency, to align our economics with our well-being.”

Josh ThomeNational Geographic Emerging Explorer + 4REAL TV Series Creator