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Looking for inexpensive labor? Cheap materials? They can be beyond unreliable. Instead, try these tips for sourcing products a healthier, and more sustainable, way. The latest from our column on INC Magazine.

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From Fast Company CoExist

We recently co-wrote a post with Eli Malinsky from the Center for Social Innovation NYC for Fast Company CO-Exist. The article is all about how you no longer have to take a vow of poverty to work in the social sector, but it still requires a lot of hard work. The models we feature can help you chart your path to success.

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From Young Entrepreneur

Making Good is featured in Young Entrepreneur today. Dev is talking about the one question every would-be revolutionary needs to ask: What scale is appropriate?

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Making Good just finished an exciting weekend at the First Year Expereince conference in Orlando and the Ashoka U Exchange in San Diego.

In Orlando we connected with over 100 colleges and universities from across the United States and Canada.

We are working with colleges and universities to develop customized programs that range from presenting in classes to offering a whole suite of resources and curriculum that help students make money and do good.

If you connected with us at the conference and are interested in exploring ways that we can partner feel free to email us at We would be excited to connect and figure out how we can develop a partnership with your school.

Resources to Check out

Our free ebook that started it all: Occupation: Change the World
Making Good as a Common Read Selection: or Telephone 1-888-330-8477
Interest in the free Making Good Curriculum + Resources:
Making Good Reviews on Amazon: Click Here

We look forward to connecting.

From CNN Money Magazine

Making Good is quoted in CNN Money Magazine interview by Ali Velshi “The steady straight line that meant stability for previous generations isn’t guaranteed.”

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From Inter Press Services

This week we are attending the International Summit on Cooperatives in Quebec City, Quebec. This article was just released that features an interview with Dev Aujla about the role of youth in the cooperative movement.

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TORONTO, Canada, Oct 8 2012 (IPS) – Youth worldwide are facing limited job prospects in the traditional channels of employment, and in the midst of the job crunch, cooperatives are seeking ways to connect with this untapped pool of talent.

It begins with reserving a seat for young, future cooperative leaders this Oct. 8 to 12 at the International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec City. About 150 youth from across the globe have been invited to represent their respective cooperative organisations.

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From Forbes

Patrick Hanlon recently interviewed Dev for a piece that he was writing on the rise of Conscious Capitalism. Interviewees range from Paul Polak to Social Venture Networks. Tell us what you think?

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In the late 19th century, a concept called the Progressive Movement crept through the vineworks of American business thinking. While there were many aspects of Progressivism–including cleaning up local government, one of the more high-minded Progressive theories worked like this: A working factory would be drop-shipped onto an agrarian community and provide prosperity for a local populace surrounded by the natural wonders of clean air and water.

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From Huffington Post.

Jeremy Heimans from Purpose writes an article for the Huffington Post’s new series on getting America back to work that talks about jobs that do good, Making Good and the trends we need to watch that are going to usher in the new change.

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From Atlantic Monthly.

When it comes to climate change, it’s not surprising that many millennials have settled into a fatalistic stupor. But there are ways to make a difference — and they’re already working. Billy’s latest article in the Atlantic in response to Bill Mckibben’s recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Nope, paychecks and praise aren’t enough to keep employees satisfied. Here’s how to help workers connect with purpose. Our latest article from INC Magazine that takes some lessons we learnt from the world of organizing and applies them to motivating employees.